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Referenzen als Tontechniker: 

Phonodrive, Gasoline, Jimmy Kelly, Götz Widmann, Sheik Yerbouti (Frank Zappa Coverband), Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits Coverband), Supernatural (Santana Coverband), Roaring Stones (Rolling Stones Coverband), Strange Brew (Cream Coverband), Dirty Amish, Sutter Kane, Alex Amsterdam, Frankensteins Ballet, The Substitutes (The Who Coverband), Seraphim, BxDxF, Matson, The Fonzies, d-Tune, Mama Afrika, Vicky Vomit, Aluminum Babe, The Atomics (Blondie Coverband), Nikolai Tomas (Poems For Laila) u.v.m. > z.B.: Die Kantine / Yard Club und MTC


Referenz Veranstaltungsservice: OpenAirKino Köln


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